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Singapore Travel Guide - Your source for complete Singapore travel information. It has everything about destination Singapore, from the tropical climate,travel tips, things to do while on a tour alongwith a detailed map and transportation system in Singapore.
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Singapore Travel Guide

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Destination Singapore is known for ultra-modern recreation options. One can go through such extra-human experiences, which have become possible, thanks to science. The visitor can enjoy exciting water sports in the Fantasy Island, play with snow in the Snow City and even feel the blast in Underwater World. However before travelling, it is important to get acquainted with some essential facts and common practises. Singapore travel guide offers you just that.

Travel Tips

Bargaining is must in Singapore:Everyone fancies a bargain, but mention that it is free and everyone loves it even more! Those who do not believe in a free lunch can now eat their words because it is possible to get things for free in Singapore without any conditions attached. This then, quiet obviously figures on the top of our Singapore travel guide list.

Clothing:Those who are planning a tour to Singapore in Summers then it is recommended to wear loose and light summer clothes to get rid of heat and humidity there.

Get Easy Hotel Accommodation: Accommodation forms and integral part of destination Singapre travel information and you will be glad to to know that there are plenty of staying options within the shopping and business districts of Singapore.

Riding Kuala Lumpur Up: With Malaysia being a very close neighbor to destination Singapore, the options of crossing the borders are plenty. From cars to planes, your decision may lie on your budget and timing.

Must to Carry Singapore Travel Guidebook: A Singapore travel guide book titled Access Singapore contains useful information for physically disadvantaged visitors. It can be found online at the website for the Disabled People's Association

Singapore Custom Regulations for Travelers: Visitors above 18 years of age arriving from any country (except Malaysia) who have spent more than 48 hours outside Singapore are allowed duty-free concessions of the following (a) 1 litre wine (b) 1 litre spirit and (c) 1 litre of beer. All these items must be for personal consumption only.

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur via Malacca: The next time you choose to ride it out on a coach to Kuala Lumpur , take the extended route via Malacca. Sure, it will take a longer time and possibly cost slightly more but that will be money and time well-spent.


Singapore travel guide is incomplete without a mention of a travel map. Plan your trip to destination Singapore and find the most visited tourist attractions through map of Singapore. This detailed map of Singapore showcases airport, islands, popular shopping places and lots more that will make your visit more easy and comfortable.


From a weather point of view, Singapore can be visited year round because temperatures and rainfall are pretty regular. Temperatures range from 30C to 34C during the day and from 23C to 27C in the evening. Humidity often exceed 90 percent at night. Rainy months are from November to January usually more than 200mm but there is not a big difference with the other months.

When to Visit : From a festival point of view, the Chinese New Year and Thaipusam (both in January or February) are a good time to visit as the city starts gearing up for the festivities.
For a massive dose of retail therapy, come during the Great Singapore Shopping Festival that begins in late May and continues till early June. July hosts both the Food Festival and the Great Singapore Sales. All this makes for a cultural extravaganza that attracts tourists from all over the world.

Getting There

Many modes of transportation are used to get around in destination Singapore. Two of the least expensive ways of getting around Singapore are by bus or Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). There is also an efficient public transportation network of taxis, buses and rail system that ensures getting from point A to point B, which is hassle-free and extremely affordable. Following are the other modes of transportation that you can catch while exploring the city:

Local Transportation in Singapore

Singapore By Air :
Most airlines fly into Singapore's heavily trafficked Changi International Airport. The best way to get from the airport to the city (20km/12miles away) is by train, but there is also a wide choice of bus and taxi services.

Singapore By Rail
Singapore is the southern terminus of Malaysia's rail system, and three trains go to Kuala Lumpur each day. If you're going to or coming from Malaysia, your options are myriad, ranging from comfy buses to ferries and even taxis.

Singapore By Sea
It is possible to reach Singapore by sea from the following countries :

Indonesia (Sumatra) : Boats regularly connect Medan with Penang and Dumai with Melaka. See the localities for more details. It is also possible to reach Johor Bahru from Sumatra (Batu Ampar or Tanjung Pinang).

Malaysia : Ferry crossing are possible between Changi Village and Tanjung Belungkor, east of Johor Bahru. More useful maybe is the high speed ferry to Tioman Island which operate daily except during the monsoon from 31stOctober to 1stMarch.

Singapore by Land
Singapore was once part of Malaysia. Frequent buses connect the Queen's Street Bus Station with Johor Bahru, a major travel hub in Malaysia. Long distance buses also operates from St Lavender Street Bus Station. Trains is also possible from Thailand and Malaysia.