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Sentosa island, a resort of international fame, is visited by two million people a year.Sentosa attractions like Butterfly Park, Underwater World, Dolphin Lagoon, Musical Fountain and 4D Magix fascinate a number of people who are compelled to take up a Sentosa Island tour.
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Sentosa Island

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Sentosa Island : Merlion
Sentosa Island is a tiny mass of pure pleasure. It was once a fishing village, but it has been transformed into recreational hub. The mind-boggling array of Sentosa attractions makes the island highly worthy of visit. Natural beauty combined with astounding man-made attractions make the island a prime destination of the tourists. Many Sentosa attractions are so uncommon that they seem strange.

Country Singapore
Location North-Eastern Singapore
Accessibility By road transport or ferry or cable car
Dining Specialising in sea food

Tour Attractions
Sentosa island has a long list of attractions. Concise information about them is given under:

Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom
One of the topmost Sentosa attractions, the Butterfly Park is the home of over 15,000 delicate butterflies, belonging to more than fifty species. It is highly enjoyable to see them flit about in cool outdoors. The butterflies range from the 25 millimetre (1 in) Eurema sari to the 150 mm (6 in) Papilio Iswara.

The Insect Kingdom is the home of about 3,000 species of rare insects, from over the world, including the largest beetle ever recorded - 160 mm. Meet closely with the hooligans of the insect world - Rhino Beetles, Giant Spiders and Scorpions on your Sentosa island tour.

Underwater World
Matchless among the oceansriums in the world, the Underwater World is the residence of 2,500 plus fish from about 250 species. It makes for yet another must visit Sentosa attractions. One can meet intriguing sea creatures like shark, eel, stingray, starfish and huge schools of fish. Moonlit encounter with the denizens of the deep is memorable on your Sentosa tour.

Dolphin Lagoon
Swim with friendly pink dolphins in Dolphin Lagoon while on Sentosa Island tour. Here one can watch intelligent Humpback Dolphins in close quarters. A series of interactive, feeding and training sessions has been designed exclusively to showcase the dolphin's sharp mind.

Musical Fountain
S$4-million laser, light and sound extravaganza leaves the visitor dazzled. During the 30 minutes multi-media musical, one would venture on a journey into a mysterious Sentosa. One would meet the hyperactive monkey Kiki, beautiful Princess Pearl, dancing Octopus and jellyfish and experience astonishing special effects like fiery flames and water jets.

4D Magix
Sentosa 4D Magix is unbeatable when it comes to make one stand up on one's chair. Built with the staggering investment of S$3.5million, this ultra-modern theatre offers stupefying movie magic. Incredible spectrum of visual, sound, motion and environmental effects, leaves the visitors electrified, mouths wide open.

Carlsberg Sky Tower
Sentosa island tour takes you to Asia's tallest observatory tower (131 meters) that offers breathtaking views of the island along with Singapore and Southern islands. The tower, which has an air-conditioned cabin with the capacity of holding 72 people, gently revolves to the height, providing the views one would never forget.

The Merilion
A fascinating Singapore attraction is The Merilion. Standing proudly at the height of 37 meters, the biggest replica of Singapore'symbol - The Merlion - is ever-ready to give the visitor an imposing encounter. If offers fantastic vantage point of Sentosa and Singapore City, from both it's viewing decks. The first is one the Merlion's mouth at the 9th level, while the second is on it's crown at the 12th level.

Images of Singapore
This state-of-the-art museum takes one on a ride in the past of Singapore. The combination of latest technology, rare artifacts and life-size figures makes one acquaintant with the history of the city-state. The three elements of legend, facts and folklore have been creatively interwoven, so that the visitors leave the museum only after getting fully satisfied.

Fort Siloso
Erected by the British in the 1880s, the Fort is a heart-renting reminder of the colonial past of the city nation. It has the largest assemblage of the objects related to the World War II, with life-size replicas and interactive exhibits. The Fort is equipped with photographs, film clips and documents.

Most popular tourist hub in Singapore provides world class services in spa massage and therapy. Spa Botanica, set in the Sentosa Resort & Spa is one of the most famous spa centres in Singapore. It has Turkish-styled steam baths and mud pools. Fish Reflexology is a unique foot massage in Singapore. Health Club and Spa has three deluxe suites, one of which has a private whirlpool and steam facility. Attached showers and a Thai pavilion is also available in the rooms.

Tryst with Nature
Santosa Island are laden with the sights of exquisite natural beauty. Most prominent among these are Enchanted Grove of Tembusu, Fountain Gardens, Herb and Spice Gardens, Mount Imbiah, Nature Walk and Orchid Gardens. Visit these treasure houses of nature and soak in the wonderful sights.

Southern Islands
If one wants to take some time away from the fast-paced sightseeing and entertainment of Sentosa and Singapore city, the Southern Islands are ready to aid. The Southern Islands include Kusu, St John's, Sisters' and Pularu Haltu - which are all nice for fishing, jogging, sun-bathing, swimming, sailing, snorkelling, and scuba diving. Ferries are available for Kusu and St John's Islands , while the other islands are available by boats.

Outdoor Sports
Santosa Island provides plenty of outdoor sports options to the visitors. People can have lot of fun playing these games. Games like kayaking and volleyball are available and several companies provided proper paraphernalia for the sports.

The Beaches
Sentosa Island has some lovely beaches which have always been darling of the tourists. Most prominent among these are the Palawfffan, Siloso and Tanjong beaches.

Palawan Beach: The beach is known for it's bars where one can chill out while availing wireless internet access.

Siloso Beach: The beach is a favorite among beach volleyball enthusiasts. The beach also offers several water sports as well as shopping and dining outlets.

Tanjong Beach: It is for the people who want to pass their vacation days in solitude. One can just lie down on the sand and while away the day dreaming or reading a book.

How To Reach
There are three options to reach the island - bus, ferry and cable car. Journey through the cable car is most rewarding.

Getting Around
The island has the options of buses, monorail and beach train to move around.

Visitors can be spoiled for choice in Sentosa Island. Restaurants and fast food outlets are plentiful in all parts of the island, making the island worthy of the tag 'dining destination' too. Various cuisines, cooked by best of the cooks, can make one even forget doing brush in the morning and rush to the restaurants. Plenty of bars and pubs are available on the inner parts of the island and the beaches, helping the tourist, to bring down the tempratures a few notches after loads of sightseeing.

Lodging facilities catering to all kinds of pockets are available on the island. Hotels and resorts are ever ready to lay red carpets for their guests.